100 Women in Finance – New Global Location in Dublin

100 Women in Finance – New Global Location in Dublin

In further recognition of Ireland's role as a leading financial services jurisdiction, Dublin has been approved as the newest of 22 locations of the global organisation 100 Women in Finance (100WF) (formerly 100 Women in Hedge Funds). 

100WF is a global network of professionals in the finance and alternative investment industries working together to empower women at every stage of their careers. Through peer engagement, philanthropic and educational initiatives, its more than 15,000 members are making connections and creating opportunities that help to advance their careers and strengthen their field. The organisation was originally founded as 100 Women in Hedge Funds but was re-branded in December 2016 as 100 Women in Finance in order to more accurately reflect the broader composition of the organisation's worldwide membership.

Dublin Location

A long-established location for financial and professional services, Dublin's reputation continues to attract noted financial organisations and we hope will be a great addition to the 100WF network. Inspired by their membership of 100WF London and New York, senior female figures in the local market joined forces around 2014 to establish the Dublin location. We are proud to announce that our application has been successful! The organisation focuses on three main areas for support and encouragement of women at all stages of their careers in financial services: Peer Engagement, Education and Philanthropy. 

100WF Peer Engagement: Advancing careers through meaningful connections and opportunities

Targeted initiatives and professional development and networking opportunities will help position women for success at every stage of their careers. We plan to: organise events featuring European based and local key note speakers and panel discussions on relevant topics; and establish a mentoring programme to leverage senior industry participants' experience for the benefit of young female professionals in the industry – see further details below.

100WF Education: Broadening perspectives with timely content and programming

It is impossible to overstate the value of knowledge in a rapidly changing industry. Unique educational events will feature influencers in the field, including local talent and will promote career-long learning for members, followed by networking opportunities for our members to engage with each other.

100WF Philanthropy: Making a difference in our industry and communities

Empowering women in finance also means supporting women and families everywhere. Fundraising events will benefit local organisations dedicated to improving lives through a focus on mentoring, women’s and family health and/or education, in the future.

100WF NextGen Dublin

Young female professionals, with up to 10 years of industry experience, make up a significant sector of the financial services industry in Dublin and 100WF intends to ensure that a future programme is developed in Dublin which focuses specifically on this demographic.

This programme will offer networking events and initiatives designed by the NextGen Group themselves as well as structured mentoring initiatives. A mentoring programme will allow young professional women in the industry to draw on the experiences and advice of more senior professional women within the 100WF network. Creation of a network in Dublin, as well as accessing the broader network in Europe and beyond, will also be a crucial element of the NextGen programme, to ensure that young members have the benefit of that "network" as they move through their careers.

Launch event and membership information 

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of this global organisation in Ireland and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the essential contribution of all who have taken membership of 100WF Dublin to date – without your support this launch would not be possible. Find out more about becoming a member

Get details for the launch event in May. Official invites for the 100WF Dublin launch event on 24 May will automatically issue to all members in due course. The launch committee can be contacted at Dublin@100women.org.

Dublin Committee 100 Women in Finance

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