Spring 2022 Newsletter

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. We welcome involvement from our member firms and if you have any feedback or are interested in contributing an article or idea, please contact us at newsletter@irishfunds.ie.

This document is for informational purposes only and it is recommended that professional advice is sought if conducting business in Ireland.

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Impact of the CBI’s Operational Resilience Guidance on the Manco Market

Daniel Crean / PwC
Daniel Crean (PwC) discusses the impact of the CBI's Cross Industry Guidance on Operational Resilience on the Irish Manco market, addressing proportionality, outsourced service providers and what firms should do now.
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Remote Working - A Roadmap for a New Way of Working

Karen Killalea / Maples Group
As many businesses move to more permanent hybrid working arrangements, most employers are encouraging employees to come together with their colleagues in the office at least a couple of days per week. But where do employers stand if they encounter resistance. Karen Killalea (Maples) unpacks the current and proposed remote working framework.
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Spotlight on Retail Fund Costs and Fees

Jennifer Fox / Walkers
With an increased focus at both an Irish and European level on costs and fees in retail funds, Jennifer Fox (Walkers), provides an overview of the regulatory developments on this topic and the key considerations for fund managers.
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PRIIPs KID Implementation

Colm Carey and Rob Wilson / DFIN
Colm Carey and Rob Wilson (DFIN) discuss PRIIPs KID Implementation and explore some of the key areas asset managers will need to consider.
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Cross Border Distribution Regulations

Killian Lonergan / Brown Brothers Harriman
Regulations are an inevitable part of any cross-border fund distribution strategy, but the way in which firms adapt to them often dictates whether they help or hinder their European fund distribution models. Killian Lonergan (BBH) looks at three regulatory themes and the approaches that could spell success.
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Professional Certificate for DPs

Martina Kelly / The Institute of Banking
Martina Kelly (IOB) gives an overview of the Professional Certificate for Designated Persons in a Fund Management Company introduced in 2021 to support the development of individuals in or aspiring to Designated Person roles and individuals supporting Designated Persons (DPs).
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Reverse Solicitation and Reporting

Tony Ross / Matheson
Tony Ross (Matheson) examines a recent letter by ESMA to the European Commission on the topic of reverse solicitation which raises the question of reporting requirements for asset managers relying on the practice to distribute funds within the EU.
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CSR and Volunteering

Irish Funds Executive, Green Team Network and Irish Funds Member Engagement & Communications Working Group /
Learn more about Irish funds industry initiatives to be more environmentally sustainable and to increase corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, such as volunteering.
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Navigating the European ETF Landscape

Gareth Myburgh / Citi Securities Services
Gareth Myburgh (Citi Securities Services) discusses some of the unique aspects of the European ETF market that new entrants should be aware of and provides insights on potential for ETF conversions happening in Europe.
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Irish Limited Partnership: A New Dawn

Kevin Hogan / State Street
Kevin Hogan (State Street) looks at how the Limited Partnership (Amendment) Act 2020 has modernised the Irish Limited Partnership with flexibility to rival its overseas counterparts and provided the vehicle with significant advantages to allow the local market to capitalise on the massive growth in Private Markets.
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Access to Swiss Market for Irish Funds

Alexandre Pini and Nicholas Weir / Carnegie Fund Services
Alexandre Pini and Nicholas Weir (Carnegie Fund Services) explore how the Swiss regulatory system for the offer of foreign funds is changing and opening exciting new opportunities for asset managers. They also look at how can foreign funds navigate a straightforward and cost-effective route through the new landscape.
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Irish Funds Member Update

Anna Fenston / Irish Funds
Anna Fenston (Irish Funds) welcomes our most recent new members and provides information on our Members' Council, the upcoming in-person Irish Funds Annual Conference, the upcoming launch of Ireland's Women in Finance Charter and how to sign up to the weekly member update.