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ELTIF 2.0: Ireland to be "ELTIF-Ready"

Aaron Mulcahy and Aoife McDonagh / Maples
The countdown to the application of the enhanced European Long Term Investment Fund ("ELTIF 2.0") has begun and interest continues to build. Aaron Mulcahy and Aoife McDonagh from Maples Group highlight developments in Ireland’s efforts to become a core jurisdiction for the establishment of ELTIFs.
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Good Governance to Guard Against Green Washing

Eimear Keane / Walkers
With ESG highlighted as one of the Central Bank's main regulatory priorities for 2023, there is increasing scrutiny of how investment funds, fund management companies and asset managers are complying with their obligations. Eimear Keane (Walkers) discusses how boards of directors are now turning their attention towards potential greenwashing risks facing them and determining how such risks can be mitigated.
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Tokenised Financial Assets are Bringing New Opportunities to Industry Stakeholders

Arnaud Misset / CACEIS
Arnaud Misset (Caceis) looks at the opportunities and risks with tokenised financial instruments and the roles that all industry stakeholders in Europe will play in this rapidly developing area.
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Are Fund Fees Too Costly to Ignore?

Ken Owens and Patrick Farrell / PwC
Fund costs and fees have become a hot topic for ESMA and NCAs in recent years. In this article Ken Owens and Patrick Farrell from PwC examine why the status quo isn't enough, regulators' proposed solutions, developments in the UK market, and key actions business can take today.
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Trying to Get Two Wrongs to Make a Right

Barry O'Connor - Matheson / Tom McGrath - Blackrock
MMFR is designed to make money market funds liquid and secure and EMIR is designed to ensure that FDI collateral is liquid and secure. In an ideal world, they would agree as to what "liquid and secure" means, but things aren’t so simple. Barry O'Connor (Matheson) and Tom McGrath (Blackrock) discuss some of the challenges around the question of what is considered highly liquid and low risk.
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Managing the Risks Associated with Outsourcing

Antonia Mahony / Carne
Antonia Mahoney from Carne Group looks at the Outsourcing Guidance one year on from the first submission of the outsourcing registers, and provides insights on key elements of the guidance.
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Tapping into the German Market

Keith Milne / Universal-Investment Ireland
Germany, as Europe's largest fund market for distribution, offers vast financial potential for international asset managers, but accessing it requires understanding its distinct regulations and leveraging specialised entities like Super ManCo's for efficient distribution and compliance. Keith Milne from Universal-Investment Ireland gives an overview of the German market and how to tap into it.
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Shaping Financial Stability: A Perspective on the Latest Macroeconomic Policy Developments

Declan Tannam - IQ-EQ / Ruth Fairclough - Irish Funds
Declan Tannam (IQ-EQ) and Ruth Fairclough (Irish Funds) delve into the recent Macroprudential policy outreaches by FSB, IOSCO and the Central Bank of Ireland for Open ended Funds and address Irish Funds’ response to this important topic.
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Beyond Business as Usual: The Value of an AI Strategy

Ciaran Fennessy / Citi
Ciaran Fennessy (Citi) discusses AI’s escalating influence in the funds industry and how organisations must shift their perspective from the standard ‘Business as Usual’ approach to a well-constructed, articulated and focused AI strategy becomes imperative.
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Maintaining Ireland's ETF Supremacy Leaves Little Room for Complacency

Ciarán Fitzpatrick / State Street
With Ireland being a preeminent domicile for ETFs, Ciarán Fitzpatrick, head of ETF Solutions at State Street in Europe, discusses why Ireland has a stronghold in the ETF space, the implications of digitisation as well as emerging ETF trends.
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Individual Accountability Framework Update 2023

Azariah Nukajam / fscom
Azariah Nukajam (fscom) provides an outline of the IAF, highlighting its key components, the impact of similar governance and oversight regimes around the world, and what the introduction of the IAF regime means for Irish regulated financial services businesses.
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ESG: It's Complicated

Lauren Anderson / Irish Funds
Lauren Anderson of Irish Funds looks at the complicated world of ESG and the challenges the financial services industry has encountered as a result.
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Irish Funds Member Update Autumn 2023

Read about our new members, the 2023/2024 Irish Funds Member Council and our recent CEO Forum, as well as information on our 10th Annual UK Symposium on 30 November. You can also find out how to register for the Irish Funds Member Portal and learn more about the Irish Funds Transition Year program and updates from the Green Team Network.