Our Team

Our Team

The activities we undertake on behalf of our members are managed by a range of professionals based at the Secretariat’s offices in the heart of the International Financial Services Centre in Dublin as well as our Brussels office.

Pat Lardner Profile Image

Pat Lardner

Chief Executive

Karen Gildea Profile Image

Karen Gildea

Executive Assistant to Pat Lardner

Umar Ahmed Profile Image

Umar Ahmed

Director - EU Affairs

Michelle Spencer Profile Image

Michelle Spencer

Director - Member Services

 Declan Casey Profile Image

Declan Casey

Director - Policy & Regulatory

Brian McCabe Profile Image

Brian McCabe

Director - Data & Insights

Ciara Lambe Profile Image

Ciara Lambe

Director - Operations

Conor Kilroy Profile Image

Conor Kilroy

Senior Manager - Policy & Regulatory

David Shirley Profile Image

David Shirley

Senior Manager - Membership & Business Development

Anna Fenston Profile Image

Anna Fenston

Senior Manager - Marketing & Communications

Sara White Profile Image

Sara White

Senior Manager - Operations

Ruth Fairclough Profile Image

Ruth Fairclough

Senior Manager - Industry Collaboration

Geraldine Brehony Profile Image

Geraldine Brehony

Senior Manager - Policy & Regulatory

Jennifer Reilly Profile Image

Jennifer Reilly

Relationship Manager - Member Services

Laura McClean Profile Image

Laura McClean

Senior Associate - Operations

Adrienn Illes Profile Image

Adrienn Illes

Senior Associate - Marketing & Communications

Claire Fines Profile Image

Claire Fines

Senior Associate - Member Services

Paula Morley Profile Image

Paula Morley

Senior Associate - Member Services

Elizaveta Nagibova Profile Image

Elizaveta Nagibova

Senior Associate - Technology

Lauren Anderson Profile Image

Lauren Anderson

Senior Associate - Policy & Regulatory

Claire O'Flynn Profile Image

Claire O'Flynn

Senior Associate - Policy and Regulatory

Gillian Scally Profile Image

Gillian Scally

Associate - Marketing and Events

Julie Bowell Profile Image

Julie Bowell

Events and Sponsorship Assistant

Lucy Ann Duigan Profile Image

Lucy Ann Duigan

Communications and Digital Projects Assistant

Rory Moran Profile Image

Rory Moran

Finance and Operations Support Assistant

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