Council & Working Groups

Council & Working Groups

Irish Funds has a governance structure in which the Board and a Member elected council (Members Council) work together with the CEO and the Executive of the Association.  Both the Board and Members Council are supported by Committees, consisting of representatives of the Association’s Board and Council members and by Executive staff. 

Putting into place democratic mechanisms for member representation and leadership selection, ensuring transparent and responsible decision-making procedures, and separating governance and management functions within associations are key elements of good governance. Members can view our Code of Governance on the Irish Funds Member Portal. 

The Council comprises 16 individuals, based on the nominations received from member firms. Individual Council members are elected for a three-year term and the Chairperson is selected from amongst the members of Council and serves for a one-year term. 

The day-to-day affairs of the Association are managed by a full-time Irish Funds Executive team reporting to the Chief Executive. 

A network of Working Groups ('WGs'), Project Groups and Specialist Groups comprised of participants from member firms and supported by the Association’s Executive and Council, help deliver both the strategic plans agreed and work on issues of importance to members and industry to achieve the mission, vision, and strategy of the Association. 

In conjunction with fora dedicated for various member communities, expert groups, task forces, and Steering Groups they make up our 'Working Group Structure', a key part of the Association’s structure since it was formed.

The most recent nominations process took place in May 2023 with the next nominations process to take place in 2025.

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