Diversity & Inclusion

Developing a more diverse and inclusive industry

As the industry evolves, the importance of diversity and inclusion in funds and asset management companies has never been so front and centre of our industry's agenda.

Gender diversity at senior roles in our industry have improved but more needs to be done. Diversity and inclusivity encourages more open, robust discussion at all levels, it helps reduce groupthink which leads to better decision-making, mitigates risk and positively impacts financial performance and resilience, and ultimately serves to developing a more effective and open culture.

Diversity extends beyond gender to include age, disability, ethnicity, geographical location, neurodiversity, race, educational and professional expertise. These factors also should be assessed and applied appropriately.

Gender balance in the industry

Led by industry and supported by the Government of Ireland, Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter underpins the financial services industry’s ambition to see increased participation of women at all levels, including junior, middle and senior management, leadership and board roles within financial services organisations based in Ireland.

The Charter, guidance note and templates were developed by industry to assist firms foster and harness the talent and experience of all women in financial services, which is crucial in developing a strong pipeline of talent. This will lead to greater diversity of thought, experience, and leadership styles in decision-making processes, for the economic benefit of the business and the wider community as a whole.

Irish Funds, BPFI, FSI, Insurance Ireland have all endorsed the Charter and are committed to funding the ESRI as a data partner over a three-year period with annual reports to be published in each of the years 2023/2024/2025.

LGBTQ+ Networks

Many firms in the industry have Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, including committees, D&I weeks with speakers and events to raise awareness, and specific LGBTQ+ networks within their organisations.

FuSIoN (Financial Services Inclusion Network) was founded in 2017 with a goal of creating an LGBTQ+ community across financial services in Ireland and enable the sharing of best practices within this community. They are an industry wide network made up of member firms across the financial services industry in Ireland.

Work placements for people with disabilities

Irish Funds is a proud advocate of The Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID). We have facilitated work placements within the association as well as promoting and encouraging participation in the program by our member firms.