Irish Funds Facts

Irish Funds Facts

The Irish Funds Industry Association (Irish Funds) is the representative body for the international investment funds community in Ireland.

Irish Funds Represents

  • 130+ member companies
  • 14,000+ funds
  • 16,000+ funds industry professionals
  • €4.9 trillion in assets under administration
  • €2.5 trillion in Irish domiciled funds
  • Members include: asset managers, depositaries, administrators, transfer agents, auditors, law firms and other specialist firms

Regulation & Policy Development

  • 200+ meetings with local, European and global stakeholders in 2017
  • 60+ separate written submissions to policy makers in 2017
  • 8 steering groups and 40 working groups
  • 600+ member contacts on working groups
  • 1,600+ working group and information documents on member portal

Engagement & Promotion

  • 30 events in 18 cities in 2017
  • 5,000+ attendees in 2017
  • 450+ delegates at the Irish Funds Annual Global Funds Conference 2018
  • 300,000+ page views on the Irish Funds website in 2017
  • 4,100+ followers of Irish Funds on Linkedin
  • 1,800+ followers of Irish Funds on Twitter

Training & Education

  • 550+ students undertook UCD accredited professional education programmes in 2017 as part of our partnership with the Institute of Banking to offer funds industry education.
  • 60+ Irish Funds member firms had participating students in the Irish Funds / Institute of Banking Programmes
  • 600+ attended technical seminars and webinars national reach enabled via live streaming
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