Finalist Team 3 - TreeFunder - Sustainathon 2020

Finalist Team 3 - TreeFunder


  • The fund industry is global and requires travel to promote and sustain business. The associated Carbon emissions are a headwind for a firm to succeed in their sustainability goals
  • At present there is no simple method to measure a firm’s Carbon footprint and to engage employees in its reduction to achieve CSR goals


  • An app to facilitate carbon reduction by empowering and engaging employees to track their carbon usage
  • The Carbon impact is mitigated via an investment into a forestry fund product in a sustainable and financially responsible way. 

Meet the Team

Alan Costello is a Venture Leader with NDRC, investing and supporting tech startups through an accelerator programme.

He has had a keen interest in the sustainability conversation and seeing its transition to the Boardroom.

He revels in the uncertainty of startup and the innovative growth of Corporates!

Liz Meacham works in Hedge Fund Services in Northern Trust.

She entered the competition as she is passionate about initiatives to combat climate change.

As a parent she considers what she will leave behind for the children.

She also is an avid podcast listener and also enjoys a run

Martin Naughton is currently completing a full-time MBA at Smurfit UCD after 17 years in the banking sector in London/New York with a focus on commodities trading.

'I'm a father of 3 kids and enjoy most outdoor activities from surfing to mountain biking. I entered with the aim of working on a tangible project focused on sustainability whilst meeting people in the Irish funds industry.

My aim is that my next role will be focused on the challenge of climate change.'


Siobhán Moloney is Senior Legal Counsel and member of the Board at DMS Governance.

She came to DMS from the Asset Management division of A&L Goodbody.

Siobhán is a BCL graduate of University College Dublin.

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