Finalist Team 1 - The Green Team Network - Sustainathon 2020

Finalist Team 1 – The Green Team Network


  • Ireland is one of the worst-performing countries in Europe in tackling climate crisis - ranked 41st out of 57 countries.
  • There is no central sharing and leverage platform across Industry at micro level for collaboration on green thinking, initiatives and events from grass roots upwards


  • A network that aims to provide a forum for connecting and empowering the Irish Funds Industry firms and staff to support change towards a sustainable environment

Exec summary

Meet the Team

Aedín O’Leary is an Independent Director (Irish Youth Foundation) & Investment Consultant

'I entered Sustainathon partly to broaden my network of contacts working in the area of Sustainability and ESG, but even more so to really inform myself and explore what I could do to help make a difference, personally and professionally.

I have worked over 20 years in various roles across investment and financial services, often for clients with ethical/ESG investment requirements. I am happy to finally see ESG and Sustainability gain greater prominence on corporate agendas and am eager to play my part.'

Suzanne Senior is Head of Fund Registrations and Listings - BlackRock

'I head up the Dublin Green Team in BlackRock and work across the globe with various local BlackRock green teams. I was eager to get involved in Sustainathon to have the opportunity to make some further impact in the local Irish funds industry and to network with other individuals who are focused on this area.

I have 15+ years’ work experience in the Irish Funds Industry, most recently working in BlackRock for the last two years focusing on Fund Registration and Listings and previously spent a great number of years in PwC working in various roles in relation to research, marketing, regulation and fund distribution.'

Magdalena Supernat is a Manager in Investor Services Department in SS&C Financial Services (Ireland) Limited.

'Sustainathon seemed like an ideal opportunity to team up with like-minded people in the industry to work together towards a cleaner and greener environment.

I have 10+ years work experience in the Irish Funds Industry and hold a Professional Diploma in Investment Fund Services.'

Team Mentor

Shona O’Hea is a director in Grant Thornton specialising in servicing the global reporting needs of the Asset Management sector in Ireland and internationally.

'I have been working in the Asset Management industry for nearly 20 years and have seen it go through huge changes in this time. It has always been a close knit community and the interest and involvement in Sustainathon has again demonstrated this.

I was delighted to be involved in the Inaugural Sustainathon as a mentor.

It has been wonderful to see such enthusiasm across the teams and to see people from different organisations all working together and combining their ideas. It has been a true demonstration of what can be achieved when we work together.'

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