Irish Funds Conference Online Magazine 2024

Irish Funds Conference Online Magazine 2024

In conjunction with the Irish Funds Annual Global Funds Conference on Thursday, 23 May we have published an Annual Conference Online Magazine 2024 looking at the many opportunities and aspects of the private markets landscape developing in Ireland, the critical role of AIFMD, the impact of tokenisation, tax changes affecting the industry and the support for professionals to develop in-demand skills and expertise.

Articles are for general information purposes only and are not intended to provide legal, tax, accounting, investment, financial or other professional advice on any matter, and are not to be used as such.

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European Investors Give Thumbs Up to Private Markets Legislation

Catherine Macklin / State Street
New research from State Street shows European private markets are set to grow off the back of government initiatives and broadening investor demand. Catherine Macklin gives an overview of the trends highlighted in the third annual State Street 2024 Private Market Study.
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Process Alpha and Beta: Assessing Value-add at Each Stage of the Value Chain

Adnan Memon and Cilian O'Gogain / Citi
Adnan Memon and Cilian O'Gogain (Citi) cover how today’s industry participants could leverage capabilities without having to build them in-house, thus lowering the barriers to entry and need for scale.
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The Private Markets Landscape: Finding Opportunities and Managing Risk

Graham Kennedy / JTC Group
With alternative assets under management expected to reach over $23 trillion globally by 2027, Graham Kennedy (JTC Group) explores why Ireland is increasingly the destination for fund managers across private market asset classes.
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AIFMD II – A Closer Look at the Impact for Loan Origination Activities and the Opportunity for Ireland

Damien Barnaville and Aongus McCarthy / Walkers
Damien Barnaville and Aongus McCarthy (Walkers) create a summary of the key changes for asset managers and funds pursuing loan origination strategies, in light of AIFMD II.
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Unlocking Skills and Opportunities: Education for a Changing Funds Sector

Funds by IOB /
Learn how the IOB is responding to evolving industry needs by supporting professionals to develop in-demand skills and expertise.
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Evolution in Focus: AIFMD's Role in Fortifying Ireland as a Domicile of Choice

Universal Investment Ireland /
Over the past decade, Ireland has undergone a journey of growth and transformation and emerged a leading player in the global fund landscape. The Universal Investment team discusses how central to this evolution is the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) framework, which propelled Ireland's ascent and has placed critical importance on regulatory rigor and quality of Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) services, prompting fund managers to assess where resources are most effectively deployed.
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Private Credit Funds - Into the Mainstream

Graham Roche / IQ-EQ
Graham Roche (IQ-EQ) discusses some of the current trends in private credit (a sector that is at the heart of EU’s Capital Markets Union) and outlines how the Irish funds industry is well placed to service direct lending funds under the EU’s new harmonised rules for loan origination.
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How Tokenisation Could Redefine How the Funds Industry Operates

Ken Owens / PwC
Ken Owens (PWC) explores the transformative potential of tokenisation in the funds industry, discussing its technological backbone, impacts on various stakeholders, benefits, and associated risks.
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The Rising Tide of Secondaries: Investors Seek Private Market Liquidity

Kelsey Warkentin and Montserrat Serra Janer / J.P. Morgan
Montserrat Serra Janer and Kelsey Warkentin (J.P. Morgan) look at the trends and challenges faced by investors seeking private market liquidity.
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Tax Changes for the Asset Management & Funds Industry

Gareth Bryan / KPMG
The asset management industry is facing a number of challenges and opportunities in the wake of the recent tax changes. The KPMG Asset Management Team provides an overview of the key developments and implications for funds and asset managers, especially in the alternatives space.
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The Golden Age of Private Capital: What Lies Ahead for 2024 and Beyond

BNP Paribas /
A recent BNP Paribas’ Securities Services business panel session in London gathered industry experts to share their insights into current market conditions, effective ways to navigate the operational challenges, and how to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead through 2024 and beyond.