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Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund for vulnerable communities launched

15 April 2020

basis.point and Irish Funds have launched a Covid-19 emergency relief fund to help raise much needed funds to help disadvantaged communities as they struggle with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Covid-19 emergency fund

These are difficult times. The vulnerable in society will suffer disproportionately as a result of this health crisis. Our aim is to help alleviate the many additional challenges faced by those living in disadvantaged communities as a direct result of the current COVID-19 crisis.

The work of basis.point (which will be known to many across our industry) has been to support educational programmes for disadvantaged children and their families, but many of those programmes have been disrupted by the current crisis. Additionally, basis.point have proven infrastructure, processes and governance to enable help and support to be delivered quickly and effectively so we want to do all we can to bring our industry together and work with them. 

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Staying home for vulnerable communities presents additional challenges

As an industry we are fortunate that many of us can continue our work from home. Our homes are often comfortable and spacious enough to allow us to live and work comfortably. This can be a totally different experience for the most vulnerable in our society. Staying home can mean living in cramped accommodation with little or no facilities to prepare meals. It can mean struggling to educate and keep children occupied day in day out in woefully inadequate space. For those without a permanent home or facing financial hardship due to the current crisis these worries can be simply unbearable. For many struggling with underlying health issues, these obstacles can seem insurmountable.

We are all vulnerable to the health impact of the COVID-19 virus but the additional financial, educational and emotional impacts of the crisis, so acutely felt by the most vulnerable in society, are devastating. That’s why, together with basis.point, we’ve launched a COVID-19 emergency relief fund.

Make a difference immediately

basis.point have already identified some projects that can immediately make a difference and are continuing to seek out projects, working with existing and new charity partners.

This fund will be ring-fenced from the normal work that basis.point do so you can be assured that what you donate will make a difference in addressing the specific needs which COVID-19 is creating.

Projects which have been identified so far are:

  • Belvedere Youth Club in the North Dublin Inner City will prepare and deliver 80 hot meals a day to the families of very vulnerable children who normally attend their breakfast and afterschool club. Many of these children are living in inadequate homeless accommodation which do not have the facilities to prepare hot food – this will be their only access to a hot meal each day.
  • basis.point's existing partner Early Learning Initiative are working tirelessly to adapt their home visit services to deliver them remotely. Our contributions will fund additional play mats, toys and books for pre-school children living in homeless, emergency and overcrowded accommodation, who will then be supported remotely by telephone or video by a trained family support worker.
  • Peter McVerry Trust working with families impacted by homelessness which has 14 family hubs across Dublin, Kildare, Louth and Meath, supporting 102 families and 223 children. Money will go to fund the supply of age appropriate activity packs including jigsaws, colouring materials and games to bring some happiness and help parents occupy their children during these pressurised times.

How to donate 

This fund will be a once off emergency fund to offer practical and emotional support to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and families in our society.

All money donated will go to help those who actually need it. 

  • €20 can help restore emotional well-being by providing age appropriate activity packs for children
  • €50 will help reduce parental anxiety for vulnerable families, providing a safe and clean play mat for babies and toddlers and daily telephone support
  • €100 will keep a family nourished providing a hot meal once a day for a week

Donate today

If you think your organisation can help, please contact Edel O'Malley at

Finally, please help us spread the word. As an industry we are uniquely positioned to join forces and amplify our impact.

The vulnerable in society will suffer disproportionately as a result of this health crisis. By joining together, coordinating our giving and channelling our resources, we can help meet the needs of children and families at this time of crisis.

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