The Green Pledge: How Firms are Pledging to Be More Sustainable

Monday, 02 May 2022

The Green Pledge: How Firms are Pledging to Be More Sustainable

green countrysideThe Green Team Network recently celebrated its first anniversary and highlighted progress on the Green Pledge taken by firms, helping the funds and asset management industry join together to reduce its environmental impact and increase our sustainable actions.

What is the Green Pledge?

The Green Pledge encourages and supports firms in the Irish funds and asset management industry to take action on sustainability issues affecting their business and to promote those actions they have already taken. To participate in the Green Pledge, firms select from a list of environmentally sustainable pledge-able actions. The initial goal of the Green Pledge is to produce statistics and allow firms to see how they compare across the industry on their environmentally sustainable actions.

How to make the Green Pledge

To make the Green Pledge, select from a list of environmentally sustainable actions. Tick all the pledges that are applicable to your firm by completing the online form. Completing the Pledge should take approximately 7-10 minutes. For more information on the firms already taking part and how your firm can take part please visit the Green Pledge website or contact the Green Team Network directly with any questions at

What happens next?

Once you have completed the Green Pledge, your entry will be reviewed and scored by The Green Team Network. Firms will be awarded a score dependent on the number of pledges completed and any weighting attached to a particular Pledge. Individual scores will not be shared publicly. There will be a bi-annual check in on progress with firms who have pledged. There will be no formal reporting at this stage of the Pledge and this will be revaluated as the Pledge matures. We hope that the Pledge will ultimately provide a platform for peer-to-peer information sharing on a broad range of environmentally sustainable initiatives.