New Masterclass - The Distribution Function within Fund Management Companies

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

New Masterclass - The Distribution Function within Fund Management Companies

A new Masterclass programme on The Distribution Function within Fund Management Companies has been launched and is now open for registration.

Successful distribution of investment funds is critical to a successful fund management business and the Central Bank of Ireland identified distribution as one of the six managerial functions within a Fund Management company. Distributing funds can be complex, particularly for widely distributed funds through multiple channels and in multiple jurisdictions, giving rise to various types of risks. Moreover, globally, we see an increasing focus on distribution strategies, not least because of regulatory attention on funds fees and costs.

Funds by IOB are delighted to announce a new masterclass on The Distribution Function within Fund Management Companies delivered online over three evenings on 17 February, 1 March, and 8 March 2022.

Further details, including fees (€260), are set out in this brochure. Alternatively, express an interest via the IOB website.

The masterclass presenters are industry experts with many years of experience who will provide very practical insights on the role of the designated person for distribution, developing and oversight of distribution strategies, due diligence over distribution delegates and the laws and regulations which underpins all of these.

This masterclass will be particularly relevant to designated persons or those who aspire to designated person roles, directors, senior managers and staff within fund management companies, directors of self-managed funds and all other industry professionals within fund service providers. In a constantly evolving environment, the masterclass will aim to determine and develop best practice standards by Designated Persons for Distribution and will provide participants with:

  • A practical insight into distribution strategies, from design to ongoing implementation and periodic reviews;

  • An understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Designated Person for Distribution, including where this DP role may overlap with other Designated Person roles;

  • Familiarity with the legal and regulatory environments related to investment fund distribution; and

  • A guide to being better equipped to prepare DP reports and to present reports to the board and to fund boards.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Edel Hayden, Programme Manager -