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Irish Funds Paper: Empowering Citizens and Enabling the Economy

4 October 2021

Paper: Empowering Citizens and Enabling the Economy‘Empowering Citizens and Enabling the Economy’, is our new thought leadership paper that clearly establishes the important role that Ireland plays in the wider EU financial services ecosystem. In it we demonstrate how the investment funds and asset management industry can contribute to enabling economic growth, providing citizens with the tools to protect their financial future, and achieving a sustainable future.

Asset managers facilitate and empower significant and sustainable company growth across all EU Member States. They do so by providing businesses with vital access to new funds to support long-term growth, offering greater stability while creating jobs and giving employees and customers better value and enhanced services. This financing also fuels a range of large and long-term infrastructure projects, such as transport links and the creation of new schools and hospitals.

Not only do asset managers help facilitate frictionless trade throughout Europe, they also fuel global inward investments into the EU and provide opportunities in other parts of the world for European investors.

In the investment world, Ireland’s global reputation for trust, capability and innovation give it a strong understanding of what it takes to enable and support more significant investment into and across the EU. We can help deliver tangible economic benefits to communities and provide the funding for a brighter, more sustainable future for us all.

View our new publication for more information, including statistics on asset holdings by Irish domiciled funds across the EU. 

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Empowering Citizens and Enabling the Economy
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