Irish Funds Financial Literacy TY Programme: Relaunch Update

Thursday, 21 December 2023

Irish Funds Financial Literacy TY Programme: Relaunch Update

We successfully relaunched our Irish Funds Financial Literacy TY programme in September across a number of secondary schools nationally, already started in five schools in Dublin, Galway and Sligo with more schools committed to start in the next term and we continue to integrate new, engaging resources into the curriculum every month, here are some recent additions!

  • We have worked with the Financial Times to provide a portfolio simulation game for students which has proved to be highly engaging. Using their newfound diversification and trend knowledge, they are "investing" in a range of stocks in the hope that their “portfolio” will increase in value.

  • Interactive Kahoot workbooks were designed and are now live. A fantastic tool to keep students engaged and to test their financial literacy knowledge about savings, risk, investment funds, sustainability and more.

  • We are soon to introduce two new animated educational videos using our mascot, Alex, the first showing how easy it is for our student to save and another teaching them about cryptocurrency. Can you be #BetterThanAlex?

A massive thank you to Eibhlin Johnston who works closely with us and the schools and to all of our 27 member firm volunteers – returning and new – who have helped to make this programme possible.

We are excited to update you more in 2024!