Irish Funds Financial Literacy TY Programme: Reflection

Friday, 05 April 2024

Irish Funds Financial Literacy TY Programme: Reflection

As we take time during this Easter break, we can reflect on the substantial success the Irish Funds Financial Literacy TY Programme has achieved in this academic year – with 18 schools signed up across 10 counties and expected delivery to over 500 students, compared to 11 schools piloted last year in 6 counties.

With both our new sponsor Deloitte and new interactive materials to keep the students engaged, we welcome the broader reach of this programme and welcome the positive feedback from the students, teachers, industry leads, our membership and other external stakeholders.

New Materials – Financial Times, Kahoot and Alex Learning Videos

Further to schools’ feedback from last year’s pilot, we have created new interactive materials (detailed below) to use in the classroom. Our experience is that the students have embraced the new interactive activities, resulting in higher engagement levels.

  • Financial Times

We are working with the FT schools programme allowing schools to access the FT Portfolio function. This allows students to invest and track a diversified portfolio of investments. They are encouraged to monitor business news which may affect the performance of the investments. One Drimnagh Castle student achieved a 12% monthly return.

  • Kahoot

Kahoot quizzes were designed and introduced into classes to evaluate the students on each module and engage them in a fun, friendly competition as each lesson finishes.

  • Alex Learning Videos

Finally, we have created videos that the students have found useful to help understand the importance of saving and the growing popularity of investing in digital assets. With the help of our mascot Alex, we have shown students around the country how easy it is to become more financially aware. Please see our savings video, to see the value and possible impact that this fun, animated format can have on the younger generation.

More Encouraging Feedback

We have received more positive feedback from participating schools. To quote one student from Loretto Balbriggan: “Thank you for everything and helping me to realise that I have an interest in this career area for the future. It was helpful, and I really enjoyed the workshops!!” We love to see these coming in and will continue to share.

Irish Funds Annual Global Funds Conference

We are excited to confirm that the Irish Funds Financial Literacy TY Programme shall feature on our flagship Irish Funds Annual Conference agenda. We will be joined by Commissioner Mairead McGuinness, who has long championed the importance of financial literacy as being at the heart of people's financial well-being. View conference details.

Finishing the Academic Year

As previously mentioned, we will be starting the TY programme in four new schools after Easter to finish out this academic year. Many thanks to all involved in this programme and we wish for many more years of success.