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Irish Funds Annual Review of 2018 Now Available

5 April 2019

annual review coverThe Irish Funds Annual Review 2018 features association activities, updates, events and accomplishments from throughout the last 12 months. 

As the representative body for the international funds community in Ireland and a member organisation, in our annual review we aim to:

  • communicate our objectives in a clear and concise way
  • recognise the important work of our committed members and what we have achieved together
  • demonstrate the collaborative nature of what we do and how it ensures we continually develop, improve and expand the solutions Ireland offers

With these aims in mind, there are a few things we have decided to do differently in this year’s review. 

First, we have moved to a calendar year review. This provides a clearer picture of what was accomplished during the full year. 

Second, we have reorganised and added to the information we provide and have updated the look and feel of this report to make it more engaging and easier to follow. 

Third, we have published an online interactive version of this review with highlights of this report at

In 2018 we worked together to initiate a broad range of new activity as well as continue work we had begun previously. There is an enormous team effort involved in what we do, with guidance and oversight from your elected Council and support from a dedicated Secretariat team. We hope you find this report a valuable record


Irish Funds Annual Review 2018pdfView

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