Irish Funds Annual Review 2020

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Irish Funds Annual Review 2020

The Irish Funds Annual Review 2020 features the association's activities, updates, webinars and accomplishments from throughout last year.

Notwithstanding the challenges we have all faced over the course of 2020 due to Covid-19, a bright spot has been the heart-warming moments of people coming together even when physically apart – both within the wider community and our industry.

Reflecting on both the changes of the external environment and those in our industry we set out to clearly articulate the mission, vision, and values of our association and industry.

This extraordinary year has also given us time to reflect on what is important our industry came together to support the more vulnerable in society:

  • The Basis Point / Irish Funds Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund raised over €200k over a short number of weeks to help disadvantaged communities through education.

  • In October ’20 our Industry made a huge effort to support the ShineALight sleep out for Focus Ireland and homelessness. The Irish Funds Council team raised over €67,000 and combining this with other industry teams meant we raised €140,000 at an industry level which helped break the cycle of homelessness for over 200 families.

Our industry, and the Association itself, demonstrated tremendous resilience in the face of significant disruption.

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