IOB Webinar: Fund Liquidity Risk Management

Tuesday, 07 December 2021

IOB Webinar: Fund Liquidity Risk Management

The Central Bank of Ireland issued a number of dear Chair letters on the topic of liquidity risk management in funds. Two letters issued in 2021, both requiring action by all Investment Fund Management Companies, by end 2021.

IOB are hosting a webinar on Fund Liquidity Risk Management on Wednesday, 15 December @8:30AM.

Register for the webinar on the IOB website.

IOB are delighted to be joined by Carol Mahon, INED; Ross Allen, Jupiter Asset Management; Declan Curran, Blackrock Asset Management; and Conor Kilroy from Irish Funds to discuss some of the most significant challenges for funds and fund managers arising from the dear Chair letters and how these may be addressed.

This event is open to all and so feel free to forward this invite to a colleague, contact or client who may also be interested in attending.