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Funds Industry Profile 3: Tom Dolan, Head of Galway Office - BNP Paribas

19 November 2018

This is the third profile in a series of 12 profiles we will be publishing over the next three months to highlight professionals, their career paths and their experiences working in the funds industry. We interviewed professionals in a variety of firms, areas and roles in order to give a broad view of their experiences and the opportunities in the industry.

Tom Dolan profileTom Dolan, Head of the Galway office and Client Services Director at BNP Paribas Security Services, talks about his current role and career, his proudest achievements, what he's looking forward to and what he's learned along the way. 

Tell us about your background and role at BNP Paribas.

I am ACA Qualified and have +20 years direct experience in the Funds Industry.

Describe your current role in a nutshell.

The main focus of my role is to ensure desired levels of service are delivered to clients in a consistent manner. I am the point of escalation for certain key clients. In addition I have Head of location responsibilities for BNP Paribas in Galway.

Tell us about your career so far at BNP Paribas.

I joined BNP Paribas in June 2015 just as the acquisition of Credit Suisse’s Fund Services business had concluded. Initially I focused on rolling out BNP Paribas products services and applications to transitioned clients. Over time I assumed a Relationship Manager role for key clients. Recently I have assumed a Management oversight role within our Client Delivery teams.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

My role is challenging and fast changing as technology, regulation, client demands, trading strategies and staff needs constantly evolve.

Which achievement / project are you the most proud of?

The expansion of our Galway office over the past 18 months which has enabled BNP Paribas to attract experienced Financial Services staff to the Galway region.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Achieving our objective of improving client service delivery through process automation.

Can we talk about the way your career has developed and the various roles that you have held along the way?

Initially within the Funds Industry I worked on the audit side (PWC) and gained invaluable experience regarding controls testing and balance sheet validation. Since 2001 I have held Management, Client Relationship and Operational Oversight roles within various Fund Administration Companies (including 3 years offshore). Prior to joining BNP Paribas in 2015 I had worked at Citco Fund Services for 5 years and Deutsche Bank Fund Services for 6+ years.

What is the best lesson you have learned during your career in Funds?

Just as in life, honesty is always the best course of action when issues arise.

What would you say to someone who is considering a career in financial services?

The Industry is vibrant, challenging and rewarding. There are many different roles available to people as their careers progress.

Tell us about the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives that are underway in the Funds Industry.

At BNP Paribas we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Over the last few years we have held a diversity and inclusion week in Ireland and across the globe and we have a committee dedicated to this in Ireland also. Last year our diversity and inclusion week included speakers from the 30% club and we also had a talk on mental health. This coming year we are celebrating international Women’s Day on 8 th March by hosting an internal panel discussion with some of our female and male leaders discussing their careers, the challenges they have faced and offering career advice to employees who attend.

As the Funds Industry positions itself for the future, how are our businesses and clients responding to industry trends?

Clients continue to move away from in-house administration of Investment Funds and service providers have continued to consolidate with a drive to enhanced Technology as the key to longevity.

How do you and the team manage such an intense role?

The key is to prioritize, keep calm and explore all choices available to seek optimal solutions.

Tell us about your work-life balance.

In general, the staff in Galway experience shorter commute times meaning more time is available for involvement with family and interests outside work.


Describe your role in 3 words…

Interactive, rewarding and challenging.

If I wasn't working in Funds, I would be...

Less travelled.

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