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Funds Industry Profile 8: Maggie Rek, Junior AML Analyst at BNP Paribas

7 January 2019

This is the eighth profile in a series of 12 profiles we are publishing to highlight professionals, their career paths and their experiences working in the funds industry. We interviewed professionals in a variety of firms, areas and roles in order to give a broad view of their experiences and the opportunities in the industry.

Maggie Rek profileMaggie Rek, Junior AML Analyst at BNP Paribas, talks about her current role, background and how she discovered the funds industry. She also talks about funds industry educational programmes and her next goal. 

Tell us about your background and role at BNP Paribas within Funds?

I am originally from Poland and living in Ireland since I was 12. I studied Psychology and English in University College Dublin and I am currently working in the Investor Services department as an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Analyst at BNP Paribas.

Describe your current role in a nutshell.

As a Junior AML Analyst, I carry out due-diligence on new investors coming into the fund as well as monitor existing investors for potential money laundering.

Tell us about your career so far at BNP Paribas.

It has been an exciting adventure. I began my career as an administrator responsible for scanning, filing and post for the department and as the time passed, I was assigned further responsibilities which helped to shape my role today.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy the everyday learning experience this role offers. I enjoy the sense of pride I acquire working in this industry and I really enjoy the people I work with.

Which achievement / project are you the most proud of?

In 2015, BNP Paribas acquired Credit Suisse’s Prime Fund Services. This acquisition brought many challenges such as new systems, new procedures, and new clients. I am proud to have been part of this acquisition and to have been lead preparer in support of the management.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to completing The Introduction to International Funds certificate in the Institute of Banking which was kindly sponsored by BNP Paribas. This course is perfect as it introduces you to all areas of the fund industry be it Custody, Transfer Agency or Fund Accounting.

What's the next goal?

The next goal is to progress in BNP Paribas and to become a Senior AML Analyst. I am also determined to continue to study. There are many courses available to people interested in the fund industry and each one I complete helps me to continue to gain expertise in the industry.

Can we talk about the way your career has developed and the various roles that you have held along the way?

I was first introduced to the industry just before my final year of study at UCD. I had a part time job in catering and that summer Credit Suisse was looking for administrators for a 7-week scanning project. Enjoying the project so much, I decided to finish my final year of college and apply for a permanent position where my career began. My first role was as administrator scanning, filing and doing post for the department. I later joined the AML team where I was assigned more projects and given further responsibility which resulted in me receiving a permanent Junior AML Analyst position.

What is the best lesson you have learned during your career in Funds?

I learned that no matter what your background is or what you studied, with determination and support from the people your work with, you can progress in the industry you’re passionate about.

What would you say to someone who is considering a career in financial services?

There is huge variety of sectors in the financial services so no matter what area you focused on in college or which sector you started working in post grad, there’s always room to grow in the financial services.

Tell me about the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives that are underway in the Funds Industry.

At BNP Paribas we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Over the last few years we have held a diversity and inclusion week in Ireland and across the globe and we have a committee dedicated to this in Ireland also. Last year our week included speakers from the 30% club and we also had a talk on mental health. This year we are celebrating international Women’s Day on 8th March by hosting an internal panel discussion with some of our female and male leaders discussing their careers, the challenges they have faced and offering career advice to employees who attend.


Describe your role or career in 3 words…

Agile, Innovative, Strategic

If I wasn't working at BNP Paribas/in the funds industry, I would be...

If I wasn’t working in BNP Paribas in the Funds industry, I would be pursuing my psychology education and career.

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