FinTech Factor Webinar 3: Funds-Axis

Friday, 30 April 2021

FinTech Factor Webinar 3: Funds-Axis

Our final winner of the Fintech Factor is Funds-Axis. Many thanks to all the companies competing. There were informative presentations and valuable services shared at the webinar.

Funds-Axis is an investment management regulatory technology software company, with a unique combination of regulatory expertise and best-of-breed technology. Fund-Axis are taking the complex challenges with risk, compliance and regulatory reporting and are making them very simple. For investment managers and depositaries having to comply with increasing demands for investment compliance, risk and regulatory reporting, their solutions enable you to quickly meet the regulatory requirements without the need for costly implementations and risky projects.

The FinTech Factor was an opportunity for Irish Funds to support and engage local FinTech start-ups and to provide them with a platform to promote their products to the funds industry.

Well done to the other competing companies:

CalQRisk: CalQRisk is a fully integrated and end-to-end Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) management information system.

Circit: Circit helps audit firms perform higher quality audit engagements, collaborate with clients, and instantly verify assets at the source.

FINBOURNE technology: FINBOURNE Technology was founded to reduce the cost of investing and increase transparency for everyone.