FinTech Factor 2022 Webinar 1 Winners: ​LEI Worldwide

Friday, 25 March 2022

FinTech Factor 2022 Webinar 1 Winners: ​LEI Worldwide

Congratulations to the winner of the FinTech Factor webinar today: LEI Worldwide.

LEI Worldwide is an Official GLEIF LEI Registration Agent (RA), and the first RA providing LEIs on a global basis since 2017. Their approach since inception has been focused on providing high quality customer service and helping clients manage large portfolios of LEIs.

LEI Worldwide was formed to help some of the worlds largest organisations meet their regulatory requirements, with emphasis on the updated Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) & regulation (MiFIR) and to assist entities in the process of obtaining an LEI number.

The FinTech Factor is an opportunity for Irish Funds to support and engage local FinTech start-ups and to provide them with a platform to promote their products to the funds industry. There will be another FinTech Factor speaker series session with the opportunity for 4 shortlisted FinTech companies to speak for 15 minutes each at the sessions.

Well done to the other competing companies:

Calastone is the largest global funds network, connecting the world’s leading financial organisations.

CalQRisk is the complete Governance, Risk & Compliance software, whether you’re a Small Medium Enterprise or a Multi-National Corporation.

CrossLend is a FinTech company whose cutting-edge infrastructure is helping shape the financial landscape of the future.