Climate Finance Week Ireland 2022

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Climate Finance Week Ireland 2022

The 5th annual Climate Finance Week Ireland 2022, in association with Sustainable Finance Ireland has its sessions this week. The event is centred around the theme ‘Investing in a Climate Resilient Future Now – Delivering Ireland’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap’ and examines how organisations can bring forward the sustainable finance agenda in an increasingly challenging policy environment.

 It has a great line up of speakers and events planned for throughout the week.

The main topics are:

  • No Time to Waste,

  • ESG,

  • Biodiversity and

  • Talent Development.

Irish Funds is looking forward to hosting the panel: 'Expertise for a New World - the Future of ESG Skills and Data Management' on Wednesday, 19 October at 12:30pm as part of the ‘Biodiversity Finance and Geopolitics’ Day.

This session will look at some of the key dependencies that are required to deliver sustainable finance within the funds and asset management industry, and how we can address the data and skills challenges in this space. The speakers will summarise the Irish Funds Technology Skills Needs Analysis report which diagnosed the root causes of the skills gaps and how to upskill the industry. The session will also walk through the evaluation of ESG data and ratings methodologies and what firms are doing to address these challenges.

Speakers of the session:

  • Cathal McGlinchey, Head of Financial Reporting Solutions – KPMG and Chair of Irish Funds ESG Servicing and Data Working Group

  • Jack Lee - Product Development Director - MUFG Investors Services

  • Deirdre Timmons, Director Sustainable Finance - PwC

  • Ciaran O'Mordha, Product Development Manager - Mediolanum

You can still register for the sessions throughout the week: