A Strategic Framework 2021 - 2023: Advocacy

Monday, 15 February 2021

A Strategic Framework 2021 - 2023: Advocacy

Last week we launched our new Strategic Framework. This new and ambitious agenda sets us on course to engage, energise and excite our members and the wider funds and asset management industry around a clear vision and policy agenda.

One of the pillars of our Strategic Framework is Advocacy.

We take positive actions together with our members and stakeholders to address the industry’s vital needs. Advocacy is the absolute core of what we do, whether locally, in Europe or further afield. We are deeply committed to building and strengthening the vital relationships with the people and organisations who shape our environment so all our members can thrive and our stakeholders can achieve their objectives. To nurture these relationships and achieve positive outcomes, we seek to build credible, evidence-based positions from which we can engage.

We also strive to be pragmatic in how we accommodate different perspectives and clear in how we prioritise, so our efforts are both targeted and successful How we undertake our advocacy is equally important. Staying alert, being timely in our assessment of emerging topics, planning well, and ensuring a structured approach that maximises member input are key. We’ll also stay the course on specific multi-year programmes of work, while keeping our perspectives and data fresh. Moving forward, we’ll be driven by our common cause, focusing on where we can align, and what we can improve and build upon. To succeed, we rely on the active and ongoing support of our members.

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