2023 Summer Work Placement Programme

Friday, 17 February 2023

2023 Summer Work Placement Programme

Members of the Irish Funds Industry Association are invited to sign up to participate in the Business in the Community Summer Work Placement Programme, supported by basis.point. This programme offers member firms the opportunity to make an active contribution towards greater inclusion and opportunity for local young people. By giving them an exposure and insight into what our industry does and the potential for them to aim for careers within it. We are enhancing community engagement, sowing future seeds for sustainable local employment and contributing to your firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda.

Business Benefits - There is an urgent need for businesses and employers to continue to help implement the ‘Creating a Brighter Future” plan NEIC community. Your business will also be making a positive impact on some key CSR areas such as increasing workplace diversity, employee engagement, making a tangible impact on your local community and supporting our most marginalized in society. We all know the positive business impact on the bottom line of responsible and sustainable businesses. One host company outlined their experience below:

“It was a pleasure to have X work with us this summer. He has a fantastic personality and attitude, and we believe he has made a tangible difference in the office and particularly the experience of other interns working with us during his time here”.

STUDENTS AGED 18 OR OVER - These students will be 18 years old or older which is the age at which most students leave school and therefore there will be no child protection measures or Garda Vetting to be considered. References will be required from the schools where the students have been attending. An additional non-school reference can be added should any company wish to do so.

SALARY AND COSTS ASSOCIATED - the participating companies will definitively only be required to pay the placement salary (at least the minimum wage). NEIC funding will cover all other costs of management and organisation of this summer work placement initiative.

Involvement in this programme will raise aspirations and provide students with access to career paths outside their existing network. By being involved your company has the opportunity to change lives.

Apply for the programme by completing the company expression of interest form. You will then be invited to a virtual breakfast briefing session in February.

For more information, contact Paula Brady BITCI programme coordinator at pbrady@bitc.ie or 086 0459579.