Getting Started in Ireland

Services for Non-Irish Funds

Ireland as a Global Fund Service Centre

Wherever your fund is domiciled, it can be administered in Ireland with expert services supporting coverage in 30 languages and 28 currencies. Irish service providers are recognised for their professionalism, responsiveness and client-focused business friendly service, which defines Ireland as the international investment fund centre of choice.

A Large Network of Service Providers across Ireland

Choosing Ireland for servicing your fund gives you access to a wide range of options for providers, from the well-known global players to the independent boutique operators. Ireland’s reputation for excellence extends not only to Irish-domiciled funds, but to funds based in other jurisdictions, such as the UK, Channel Islands, Cayman Islands and other Caribbean domiciles. Irish expertise spans a wide range of fund services including fund administration, transfer agency, depositary, legal, tax and audit services, stock exchange listing, compliance technology and consultancy services.

International surveys consistently place Ireland in the top locations to do business. While Dublin acts as the central hub, the financial services sector has many operations spread throughout the country.

Services Available for Non-Irish Domiciled Funds

The services provided for non-Irish domiciled funds include:

  • transfer agency / shareholder services
  • AIFMD depositary services
  • fund accounting
  • stock exchange listing
  • regulatory reporting 
  • consultancy
  • specialist technology and other services

Find out more about the range of fund industry services available for domiciled and non-domiciled funds.

Generally no Irish Value Added Tax (VAT) should be payable on service provider fees charged to non-Irish domiciled funds.

Largest Hedge Fund Administration Centre in the World

Ireland is the largest hedge fund administration centre in the world. Administrators here service approximately 40% of hedge funds globally, most of which are domiciled outside Ireland. There are around 40 administration companies operating in Ireland, who are authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. These administrators provide services to investors from more than 90 countries.

Due to the variety of fund structures, asset classes and investment strategies that can be established in Ireland, Irish administrators have a corresponding depth and range of experience and expertise across all types of investment funds.

Irish Professionals - Educated and Experienced

With more than 16,000 professionals employed directly in the servicing of investment funds, Ireland is a leader in this area, driving innovation and thought leadership. Ireland has favourable demographics and a highly regarded education system. It has a plentiful supply of highly qualified people with excellent technical, language and customer service skills. The share of population aged 25-34 with third level qualification is higher than in the US and UK and is above the OECD average.

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