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Listing a Fund

Listing a Fund on Euronext 

Euronext Dublin is recognised worldwide as the leading centre for listing investment funds with over 5,000 fund share classes listed. Euronext Dublin is part of Euronext, the pan-European exchange operator.

Why list?

Investment managers from over 40 global locations list their funds on Euronext Dublin to:

  • Meet investor requirements 
  • Increase visibility and enhance transparency 
  • Publish NAVs and announcements 
  • Increase tax efficiency 
  • Benefit from third party oversight 
  • Feature in an investor information portal 
  • Access ETF trading
  • Choice of Markets: MSM (EU Regulated) & GEM (Exchange Regulated)

Listing Particulars

The fund must publish listing particulars, approved in advance by Euronext Dublin, which include all the information which is relevant and necessary to allow a potential investor to make an informed assessment of the fund. The same document can be used for regulatory approval and listing approval. Review times are carried out within 2 business days.

The listing particulars should contain information on: 

  • Persons responsible for the listing particulars, the auditors and other advisers 
  • Units/shares for which the application is being made 
  • The fund’s investment policy 
  • The fund’s directors and service providers 
  • The fund’s assets and liabilities and financial position

Investment managers that are approved to act under the AIFMD regime will be automatically suitable to act for listed funds. 

Ongoing Requirements

The principal ‘continuing obligations’ are: 

  • An annual report and audited accounts must be sent to Euronext Dublin and unitholders within six months of the period end 
  • Notification to Euronext Dublin of the net asset value, upon calculation 
  • Details on controlling shareholders’, directors’ or investment managers’ interests must be notified 
  • An annual fee is payable 

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