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Upcoming DP Forum for Designated Persons

*Please note participation in this event is by invite only for the relevant DP's*

The next DP Forum will be held on 28 March (between 12:00 & 13:00). This Forum is only for those Designated Persons with responsibility for Fund Risk, Operational Risk, Investment Management, Regulatory Compliance and Capital & Financial Management.

This Forum aims to address the CBI letter from 7 March 2022 (Re: Fund Service Providers effectively managing risks due to Russian invasion into Ukraine) through facilitating DPs having an open exchange of views with their peers. As this Forum covers 5 of the 6 PCF-39 functions there will be a larger number of people than usual in attendance, so the Forum’s structure has been modified accordingly.

The Forum will still be held under Chatham House Rules and will not be recorded but the Panel will now consist of 2 DPs for each of Fund Risk, Operational Risk, Investment Management and Regulatory Compliance (we have provided a brief outline of the areas each pair of DPs will cover below).

The Forum will then be broken into 4 distinct breakout rooms (one for each DP Function*), lasting 25minutes. We are asking that each DP joins the breakout room that matches the function they currently hold i.e. Fund Risk DPs should only join the ‘Fund Risk’ breakout room.

Before closing out the forum a member of the panel will provide a brief synopsis of what was discussed in their breakout room.

*The DPs for Capital & Financial Management can choose to join any of the four rooms.

Please see the proposed agenda below:

Panel Discussion:

  • Fund Risk DP: Liquidity, VaR, Data Quality & Depository Interaction.
  • Operational Risk DP: Cyber/Data Security and Supply Chain Resilience
  • Investment Management DP: Valuations, Index Tracking, LMTs and Forward Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance DP: Sanctions, Communication, DP Interactions and Managing Future Risks

Breakout Rooms:

  • Topics for Discussion: Deeper dive on the panel discussion topics

Speakers Include:

Speaker Function Firm
Sarahann Duff (Chair) Head of Risk Federated Hermes
Ross Allen DP Fund Risk Jupiter Asset Management (Europe) Limited
Trevor Melville DP Fund Risk Carne Group
Hugh McIlvenna DP Investment Management Vanguard Group (Ireland) Limited
Mary O’Halloran DP Investment Management Mercer Global Investments Management (Limited)
Denise Kearns DP Operational Risk Lord Abbett (Ireland) Ltd
David Delaney DP Operational Risk Federated Hermes
Edward McMahon DP Regulatory Compliance Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Deirdre Micks DP Regulatory Compliance HarbourVest Partners

If you have a question related to the agenda that you would like to raise please feel free to contact Conor Kilroy and we will do our best to cover at the Forum.

28 March 2022
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