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North American Digital Seminar

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The Irish Funds North American Digital Seminar will feature presentations and panel discussions from leading experts on fund distribution and market access in Europe, the opportunities and challenges of Brexit and the evolution of sustainable investing and what it means in today’s marketplace. Our digital platform will also facilitate quality 1-1 attendee networking and interaction over the course of the seminar.

Online - Virtual Digital Platform
29 September 2020
10:00am – 12:40pm (Eastern Time) / 3:00PM – 5:40PM (Ireland)
3:00PM / 10:00AM (ET) - Welcome Remarks

Lisa Kealy, Chair, Irish Funds, Partner, EY

3:10PM / 10:10AM (ET) - ​Panel Discussion 1: Irish Funds and their Global Reach

This panel will discuss the advantages accessing global investors via Irish domiciled funds.


  • Marion Mellet, William Fry 


  • Susie Shahab, Lord Abbett
  • Joe LaRocque, Legg Mason
  • Scott Johnston, Vanguard
  • Paul Williams, Polen Capital
3:45PM / 10:45AM (ET) - Digital Networking
4:00PM / 11:00AM (ET) - Panel Discussion 2: Brexit – Are you Ready?

This panel will provide an update on Brexit and implications for global asset managers. 


  • Des Fullam, Carne Group 


  • Adrian Hilderly, First Sentier Investors
  • Jackie O’Connor, Goldman Sachs
  • Karoline Keane, MAN Group
4:30PM / 11:30AM (ET) - Digital Networking
4:45PM / 11:45AM (ET) - ​Panel Discussion 3: The changing face of ESG.

This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges in the sustainable investment market. 


  • Lesley Bell, PwC


  • Rael McNally, BlackRock Renewable
  • Eoin Fahy, KBI Global Investors
  • Alessia Falsarone, PineBridge
5:20PM / 12:20PM (ET) - Digital Networking
5:35PM / 12:35PM (ET) - Update on CP86: What to Expect

Niamh Mulholland, KPMG

5:45PM / 12:35PM (ET) - Closing Remarks

Kieran Fox, Irish Funds 

5:50PM / 12:40PM (ET) - Seminar Concludes
Lisa Kealy
Ernst & Young
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Marion Mellett
William Fry
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Susie Shahab
Lord Abbett
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Joe LaRocque
Legg Mason
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Scott Johnston
View Profile
Paul Williams
Polen Capital
View Profile
Des Fullam
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Adrian Hilderly
First Sentier Investors
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Jackie O'Connor
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Fund Services Ltd
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Karoline Keane
Man Group
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Lesley Bell
View Profile
Rael McNally
BlackRock Renewable
View Profile
Eoin Fahy
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Alessia Falsarone
Pinebridge Investment
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Niamh Mulholland
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Kieran Fox
Irish Funds
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