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​European Financial Forum 2022

European Financial Forum

European Financial Services in a Post Pandemic World 

Better, Fairer and Greener?

Thursday, 17 February 2022

The Financial Times, in partnership with IDA Ireland, presents the seventh annual European Financial Forum (EFF), bringing together international and Irish industry executives, policy makers, regulators and thought leaders to provide cutting edge analysis on the main business, economic and regulatory issues that the financial services industry should consider in 2022 and the years ahead.

In this year’s edition we will focus on the priorities and ambitions for the European financial system amidst the ongoing pandemic by discussing opportunities for growth, the regulatory landscape and the continuing evolution of the sustainability and digital agendas.

In an environment characterised by profound change – accelerated by the pandemic – financial institutions have been re-thinking their priorities and optimizing their business models. New technologies are transforming the industry and competition, but collaboration between established players, fast moving fintech and big tech also offer opportunities to drive digitalization and develop customer-first services and ecosystems. At the same time, the financial sector is addressing the challenges and opportunities of a green recovery by stepping up its focus on ESG and sustainability.

The EFF will provide a platform to discuss these key trends and developments - Will the transformation in motion deliver more sustainable, competitive, efficient, resilient and inclusive financial services? And will the financial sector manage to finance dynamic and strong growth, without sacrificing safety and stability?

Join us once again -virtually this year- to share insights, ideas and expertise on the disruptive forces that are shaping the financial sector into the future and discuss where opportunities lie.





17 February 2022
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