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FinTech and RegTech roles focus on using technology to address financial and regulatory challenges and solve business problems to manage risk, introduce new product capabilities, and make the funds and asset management industry more efficient.

This area has becoming increasingly popular in the funds and asset management sector and is going through a period of major growth as firms turn to fintech to leverage data in investment decision making and to provide services to investors.

Encompassing a broad range of technologies such as Semantics, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Artificial or Augmented Intelligence (AI), and Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain), Fintech firms are focussed on bringing best of breed tech into play to transform and develop our industry to provide 21st century operational efficiency and user experience.

Regtech plays an increasingly important role in the industry in helping firms to deliver on ever increasing regulatory reporting and risk management obligations as expected by regulators, shareholders, and clients. Use cases include pre and post trade and transaction reporting for asset managers, and controlling, assuring, and reporting on compliance issues such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and background checks, as well as information security and privacy regulation.

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'The thing I enjoy most about my job is identifying the Opportunity in the Challenge. Whether designing new systems, collaborating with clients or working closely with fantastically talented colleagues, I feel privileged to be working in a fast-paced industry where each day brings new challenges and the only constant is change.'

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Patrick Cahill

IT Business Analyst at Carne Group

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