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Corporate support services spread across firms and the funds and asset management industry and include areas such as operations, marketing, HR and IT, as well as company secretarial services.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) is an important support function within financial services and has evolved using the “Business Partnering” model. The Business Partnering model allows HR professionals to understand the business strategic goals of the business and to align the people proposition in support of this, via the spectrum of HR functions such as:

  • HR Strategy

  • Skills & Resource Planning

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Onboarding

  • Employee Retention

  • Performance Management

  • Training & Development

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Offboarding

Opportunities within HR are vast and there are opportunities for both a broad and specific career focus. There are many entry routes to HR and often, experience from other industries often help to develop the strategic focus within financial services.

Information Technology

IT support is an important support service for businesses within the Financial Services sector, especially as the success of business within FS is solely dependent on IT in order to conduct its business. As a result, there are a number of different avenues that can be taken.

  • Net Developer

  • Helpdesk

  • Cybersecurity

  • Network Architect


Marketing is central to promoting the industry as a whole as well as marketing the products and services of individual businesses operating within it. Marketing is unique in that it overlaps and collaborates with core functions within an organisation including Sales, Product Development, Relationship Management, Operations and HR.

Marketing is by its nature very broad, covering all forms of communication (internal and external) through multiple channels. Its origins however lie in Product Marketing with the ultimate objective of identifying, influencing and nurturing potential clients to purchase a particular product or service. This is done through the Marketing Mix made up of:

  • Product (features and benefits)

  • Price (cost and perceived value)

  • Place (how it is distributed and convenience of purchasing)

  • Promotion (marketing communications)

The marketing mix are tools used to differentiate a product or service from competitors

Company secretarial services

Company secretarial services (or domiciliary administration) are generally included in the agreements issued by fund administrators or company secretarial companies to fund structures and management companies. Company secretarial services generally comprise:

  • Provision of legal address - Funds and management companies authorised by the Central Bank must have their registered address and head office in the jurisdiction. Constitutional and statutory documents will be retained at this address.

  • Payment of fund directors - Irish fund structures and management companies must have a minimum of two Irish residents on their board. Their fees are subject to local tax in Ireland.

  • Hosting of board meetings/preparation of board packages - Funds and management companies are expected to hold at least two board meetings per annum, preferably within the jurisdiction.

  • Filings with the Central Bank/Irish Stock Exchange/Companies Office - The company secretary/domiciliary administrator will ensure that all local regulatory reporting is completed and filed according to statutory and stock exchange (if applicable) deadlines.

Listing services

Euronext Dublin is recognised worldwide as the leading centre for listing investment funds with over 5,000 fund share classes listed. Euronext Dublin is part of Euronext, the pan-European exchange operator. The fund must publish listing particulars, approved in advance by Euronext Dublin, which include all the information which is relevant and necessary to allow a potential investor to make an informed assessment of the fund.

Corporate Support Overview

IT - Net Developer, Helpdesk, Cybersecurity, Network Architect

IT- Helpdesk

IT - Cybersecurity

IT- Network Architect

Marketing & Communications, Digital Marketing

Website Development

Brand Development

PR / Media Relations

Sponsorship and Events Management

Product Marketing

Data Analytics

Content Marketing and Copywriting

Graphics Design

HR - Strategy, Skills & Resource Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Employee Retention, Performance Management, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefits

Company Secretary

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