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Asset management encompasses roles in investment management and investment management company platforms.

Asset managers

The investment manager / fund manager advises the fund’s management company or directors on the appropriate investment strategy and then implements it by making and disposing of investments on behalf of the fund. A fund manager’s performance is typically measured by benchmarking.

Management Company Services

The management company is responsible for the governance, management and control of the fund. While it may delegate many of its functions, it still has overall responsibility. For fund managers that do not have a physical presence in Ireland, many have established their own Irish authorised management companies, to carry out a any range of the following:

  • Setting up a fund where having a management company is a requirement and it will be a signatory to the trust deed constituting the fund.

  • It can act as the central coordinator of service providers for the fund – i.e. the fund will delegate all management activities to the management company which will then appoint a fund administrator and different service providers.

  • Requirements for establishing a management company in Ireland are laid out by the Central Bank in the collective CP86 rules and guidelines - a minimum capital requirement of €125,000 or 3 months expenditure, whichever is the greater.

  • Minimum of two directors of the company must be Irish residents and any appointments to the office of director require prior approval by the Central Bank.

  • The board of directors of the company should not have directors in common with the board of directors of the trustee or custodian of any scheme for which it acts.

  • Submitting annual audited accounts and semi-annual unaudited accounts to the Central Bank.

Asset Management Overview

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Investment Analyst

Information Management

Equity Research

Investment Manager

Asset Manager

Portfolio Management

Fund Administration

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