Starting the conversation: the Irish Funds Fintech Working Group Speaker Series

Starting the conversation: the Irish Funds Fintech Working Group Speaker Series

digital networkMy introduction to the world of technology was not a typical one; the year was 1990 and I had recently returned from a year living in Spain when a friend asked me if I would be interested using my rudimentary Spanish to test localised software. I leapt at the chance and found myself earning good money while learning how to use a mouse and acquiring basic computer skills by following the test scripts.

By 1996 I had moved to project management and the “browser”, which allowed users to interact with internet content across the World Wide Web, had begun to herald the beginning of a revolution. The “” boom followed quickly and web and ecommerce applications proliferated with fortunes being made, and lost, through harnessing, or failing to harness, the potential offered by these new technologies.

It was an exciting time with new emerging technologies transforming how we thought about managing people and process to deliver the results our customers wanted. With the changed paradigm a brand new vernacular also emerged and those who could understand the concepts and translate them into action plans, for both their work environment and their personal careers, thrived.

The key to this success was for individuals and companies to establish a broad understanding of what emerging technologies could offer, how they might transform their operational world, and to acquire a shared vocabulary allowing them to usefully articulate how best to exploit these opportunities to become more efficient and productive.

This lesson is pertinent to the funds industry today as a combination of exponential growth in processing power, the low relative cost of storage, and the emergence or coming of age of new technologies (such as Distributed Ledger Technology, Augmented Intelligence, Ontologies and Semantics, and Robotic Process Automation) reveal huge opportunities to bring the business into the 21st Century.

The Irish Funds Fintech Working Group Speaker Series

The Irish Funds Fintech Working Group Speaker Series aims to contribute to this journey by providing a forum where experts with knowledge of emerging technologies and their use cases impart knowledge of the basics in simple straightforward language to start the conversation about the possibilities they afford.

Three sessions have been held so far with very good turnouts. The successes of the Speaker Series Events to date are reflected in the positive survey responses from attendees and it would appear there is a big appetite from the industry for more of this kind of event.

It is planned to continue to hold sessions monthly with details of topics and venues being finalised for Dublin on the 2nd and 30th of May; a Q3 Cork event in also in planning.

Hopefully you can make it to one or all of these, I look forward to starting the conversation with you there.

Dáire Lawlor, Chair of Irish Funds Fintech Working Group and Head of Consultancy Services Group for State Street Global Services in Ireland 

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