Social responsibility, basis.point and making a lasting impact in disadvantaged communities

Social responsibility, basis.point and making a lasting impact in disadvantaged communities

basis.point was founded in 2013 as the charity initiative of the Irish Funds industry. It has grown from strength to strength and today plays a key role in the CSR programmes of a large number of leading firms within the sector and through our complementary model of individual Patronage and Support, meets the personal desires to give back to society, of many individuals within the industry. Focusing on children and young people from disadvantaged communities, we work closely with six leading charities, to empower children through education.

basis.point - classroom imageThe transformative power of education

Education is a transformative component in offering a child a better future. In partnership with established charities, basis.point funds landmark interventions to help with literacy and numeracy, at key milestones in a child’s journey through the educational system. In doing so, we encourage children to stay in school, break down daunting barriers, improve self- esteem, raise aspirations and help children develop skills that they can carry on into their working lives.

We have carefully chosen a number of multi-year evidence based programmes that have demonstrated positive outcomes in the most testing of environments. The multiplier effect of an industry coming together to consistently, over time, support communities in their efforts to educate their young people, is what makes basis.point so impactful and special.

Empower, Enable, Enhance

Working with ELI and Archways, we strive to empower parents to give their child the best start in life. The Early Learning Initiative run by the National College of Ireland, is a community based programme whereby local parents and guardians learn to model best parenting practice ensuring that their child is school ready. Once at school, we have worked with Archways to introduce The Early Years programme which has subsequently been taken on by the Department of Education and has been rolled out nationally.

Good literacy and numeracy skills have the power to change everything. Our numeracy programme, in partnership with Suas, helps children from disadvantaged communities aged between 7 and 9, who are falling behind national guidelines for numeracy . By making the fundamentals of maths fun and demystifying numbers, we enable the child to fully engage at school which has an extraordinary impact on a child’s self-esteem and willingness to learn. By the end of 2019, we shall have supported 12,000 kids throughout the country.

Once at secondary school we partner with three further charities to enhance the opportunities available to young people. The NFTE programme in association with Foroige was set up to enhance business and entrepreneurial skills yet achieves so much more offering socializing, creativity and a connection to society. The TUD Foundation introduces and demystifies third level education, encouraging kids from communities that would otherwise rule it out to consider further education. And finally, BITC prepares young people for entry to the world of business.

The idea behind joined-up giving

The idea behind joined-up giving is that by joining together and planning our giving together as an industry, we can have a greater impact. basis.point asks its Patrons and Supporters to pledge an annual gift so that in turn, we can commit to multi-annual grants to our charity partners. Together we have raised and committed €1.6 million which allows each partner to develop, implement and evaluate programmes over a number of years. It is this consistency of effort that achieves such a great impact, reaching more children and ultimately changing more lives and creating better futures.

Looking to the future

The geographic reach of basis.point funded programmes continues to expand and we are now active in Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny and Galway in addition to our primary locations of Dublin, Cork, and Limerick, somewhat reflecting the Funds Industry’s footfall throughout Ireland.

By becoming a Patron or Supporter of basis.point and investing in securing the future of children living in disadvantage, you are participating in something truly transformative. Our industry has demonstrated great vision by joining together and it is remarkable that we have one umbrella charity that is championed by so many of our industry leaders. Looking to the future we hope to celebrate our 100th Corporate Patron before the end of the year, a significant milestone for the charity. And

thanks to the generosity of individual industry players, we continue to grow and make a lasting impact on disadvantaged communities throughout Ireland.

It is our passion to grow the basis.point community and make an even greater impact. You can change the future of a child by getting involved.If you are interested in becoming a Patron or Supporter, please visit our website for more information or contact Louise at If you feel engaged as a Patron or Supporter to help us make a greater impact, we would love the opportunity to share our story with your colleagues. 

Clive Bellows, Chairperson of basis.point and Executive Vice President, Head of Global Funds, EMEA, Northern Trust

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