A Guide to Establishing MMFs in Ireland

A Guide to Establishing Money Market Funds (MMFs) in Ireland Now Available

Money Market Funds (MMFs) form a large and important sector of the European investment fund industry. They perform an important role for many different types of investors (corporate treasuries, government bodies, not-for-profit organisations, and retail investors) as a cash management and liquidity tool. MMFs offer several distinct advantages to investors, including:

  • credit risk mitigation through diversification of investments acrosssecurities and by issuer;
  • outsourcing of credit analysis to a professional cash management team;
  • ease of use through intraday, same day or next day liquidity with no redemption penalties;
  • segregation of assets in a separate, ring-fenced account;
  • transparency with regard to the underlying investments in order to mitigate risk; and competitive money market returns.

Ireland is the premier location in Europe for establishing and servicing MMFs. The first European CNAV MMF was established in Ireland in 1991. Since then, assets in Irish domiciled MMFs have grown phenomenally with the popularity of this product, and Ireland has become renowned for its capabilities in relation to the establishment and operation of MMFs.

View the full A Guide to Establishing Money Market Funds in Ireland.

Patrick Rooney, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Irish Funds

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