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A Snapshot of the Year



A Welcome From the Chief Executive

During 2021 we built on the momentum created in 2020. Significant activity and achievements under each of our strategic pillars of advocacy, engagement, leadership and capability were accompanied by changes to the structure and governance of the Association. This was especially fitting in our 30th anniversary year. It also reflects how far the funds and asset management industry in Ireland has developed and grown to be a European and global leader. 

Our advocacy activities were characterised by a dual focus on domestic and EU developments. At home, our considered and varied engagement with the Central Bank of Ireland has provided a strong foundation for this key relationship as well as providing important outcomes like the SFDR fast track filing process and good interactions on topics ranging from authorisations, liquidity, leverage, performance fees and a host of others. Our approach to this and our other stakeholder relationships, one based on creating trust, is the way forward.

With reviews of EU legislation due in 2022 we also increased the frequency of our interactions with other domestic stakeholders during 2021....

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Letter from the Chairperson

It has been a huge honour to serve as Chair of Irish Funds until September 2021. During my tenure, our world has changed immeasurably. We entered the post-Trump era, saw the UK leave the European Union, and experienced rapid technological advances that have changed society, and our industry.

But more recently, certain changes have led to extreme experiences we never thought possible. We endured a global health pandemic the likes of which have not been seen for a century. We are clearly seeing the accelerating impacts of climate change. And we are living through a brutal humanitarian situation. We are appalled by the brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people at this difficult time.

Globally, the time is right for change. The desire to build a fairer, more sustainable world has never been stronger. And financial services is not just a valuable part of the solution: such a future can only happen with the industry’s involvement....

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We are the Voice of the Funds and Asset Management Industry in Ireland.

Our Vision: Ireland will be the premier location to enable and support global investing through its reputation for trust, capability and innovation.

Our Values:

Collaboration – we succeed together and in working with others

Commitment – to achieving better outcomes for investors

Dedication – to member interests

Excellence – in delivering and enhancing our capabilities

Integrity – in everything we do

Society/Community engagement – we give back

Transparency – In who we represent, our interests and our decisions

Strategic Framework

We gathered invaluable insights from our member study in 2020 and honed those contributions into a new mission and vision to light our way, and a set of values with which to navigate. Making these a reality required a new strategic framework, one with clarity and purpose, built on the bedrock of reputation and reputational excellence.

Steering & Working Group Updates

Steering & Working Group Updates

Steering & Working Group Updates

The contribution from our steering and working groups is the lifeblood of what we do and how we work together. As a critical industry resource, the active participation, hard work, dedication and broad involvement of our member firm volunteers has resulted in significant achievements, successfully delivering on industry priorities and concerns. Irish Funds Steering Group Chairs have provided a series of updates from our Steering and Working Groups.

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Events & Media

Engagement & Communications

Engagement & Communications

Engaging through events and communications to our stakeholders is crucial to the continuing development of the funds and asset management industry in Ireland. We hold events and share industry-specific messages and news domestically and globally in multiple ways, including direct e-mail, web, social media, interviews and articles, print materials, and presentations. We aim to increase awareness of the solutions available to connect fund managers globally with their cross-border investors as well as to bring awareness to the contribution the industry makes in Ireland.

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Webinars & Events


Website Views


LinkedIn Followers



Careers & Training

Careers & Training

Achievement • Continued Learning • Flexibility • Travel • Regional Opportunities • Diversity & Inclusion • Corporate Social Responsibility • Work / Life Balance • Career Development & Mobility

Career Insights & Profiles

We asked funds industry professionals to share their backgrounds and experiences working in the industry. They talk about career development, where they're from, what they enjoy most in their roles and what they're involved in at their company and outside of work.

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Training & Development

Irish Funds partners with IOB (the Institute of Banking) to provide practical, relevant and flexible university programmes, masterclasses and events specifically designed for those who work in the funds and asset management industry.

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About The Industry

Empowering Citizens and Enabling the Economy

Empowering Citizens and Enabling the Economy

Ireland is consistently ranked as one of the top countries in the world in which to do business and is home to a vibrant financial services ecosystem that supports EU and global investors. The country has a richly deserved international reputation for its robust, transparent, and effective regulatory framework. As a result, over the past three decades, lreland has established itself as a global leader in investment funds and asset management, offering investors a diverse range of fund structures and investment strategies.

Investors are attracted by the country’s regulatory excellence, international reach, and competitiveness. But they are also drawn by the innovative products and technology the sector offers. The Irish funds industry recognises that technology is key to enabling more frictionless and fast moving investments that ultimately offer greater benefit to EU citizens, including more transparency and greater security. With a total automation rate of almost 96%, Ireland is leading the drive for greater efficiencies through Fund Processing Standardisation.

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€6.5 trillion


€4.1 trillion

Irish Domiciled Funds


Fund Managers are here


Total Funds

Global Distribution

Since the establishment of the funds industry in Ireland 30 years ago we have helped investment managers from all over the globe to develop and expand their international distribution footprint. Ireland is a major hub for cross border distribution and Irish funds are sold in 90 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

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Getting Involved in the Community

Focus Ireland – Shine A Light Night Sleep Out

Irish Funds participated in the Focus Ireland Shine a Light Night sleep on Friday, 15 October 2021 to raise vital funds and stand in solidarity with people experiencing homelessness. A team of current and former Council members took part on the night:

Lisa Kealy, Yvonne Connolly, Brian Forrester, Ronnie Griffin, Tara Doyle, Carmel Jordan, Gary Pike, Dara Harrington, Liam Butler, Patrick O’Brien, Eoin Motherway, Niall Cribben and Pat Lardner. People across our industry took part and the kind generosity made it possible for our industry to raise over €89K.

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Update from Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities

The Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID) worked hard to adapt their programme during the Covid-19 pandemic to continue to support and engage students. Irish Funds is a proud advocate of TCPID and has in facilitated work placements within the association and encouraged participation by our member firms.

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basis.point – RBC Race For The Kids in Ireland

Together with 400 participants and countless supporters, basis.point raised €23K for desperately needed funds for disadvantaged children in Ireland. basis.point produced a new programme for youth mental health that we will be running with TUDublin aimed at helping 13 and 14 year olds develop coping mechanisms for transitioning to post primary education.

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